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Professional Development



Missouri State Board of Professional Registration link.

Missouri State Board site for Preneed Agent forms link.

Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services link.

EASY FEDERAL LINKS: to Federal Government information such as FTC Rules, ADA compliance, OSHA and many more.

NPS (National Prearrange Service) Receivorship (info and forms): www.lincolnmemoriallife.com.
Missouri Insurance Guaranty Association: www.mo-iga.org.

 For the Funeral Director, MFDEA also offers a variety of benefits developed to provide information and education to its members such as: numerous endorsed companies, annual conventions, seminars, The Missouri Funeral Director magazine, annual membership directory, legislative alerts and updates, scholarships, examination review materials and representation at Missouri State Board meetings. The "member area" section of the site provides critical news and legal, regulatory and funeral service information available only to MFDEA members. JOIN NOW! Call 573-635-1661.



The Missouri Funeral Directors & Embalmers Association believes that all Funeral Directors and Embalmers have an obligation to stay up-to-date on the latest procedures, regulations, techniques as well as the important issues facing funeral service, regardless of whether “Continuing Education” is required or not. To this end, MFDEA offers seminars and programs at the annual Convention, at district meetings and other times throughout the year. This is to provide our members the opportunity to make sure they are providing the best professional service possible. “Professional Development” is an ongoing process that should never cease.

One easy way to keep up to date and further your own professional development it to be a member of the association and take part in the various programs offered. Also members of the National Funeral Directors Association may take advantage of their Online Learning Center  where you can learn the latest on such issues as communicable diseases, ADA regulations, OSHA, the latest techniques in embalming and much, much more.

Whether you went to school two years ago or fifty years ago there is a need to always improve and educate yourself. With the constantly changing regulations and changes in medicines and healthcare we must stay aware and continue to stay competent in what we do. If not for ourselves at least for the families we serve.

All businesses and professions are affected by changes in technology, rules and regulations. Most organizations today are constantly reshaping themselves, shifting and flexing to fit our rapidly changing world. The only way to survive in this fiercely competitive environment will be to outsource, downsize, subcontract and form new alliances. You need to know that resistance to change is almost always a dead-end street.

When you resist change you miss out on: 

  • A greater potential for business opportunities.
  • Chances to learn new skills to make your business more marketable.
  • Opportunities to get smarter.
  • Expansion of your personal and professional networks.
  • The possibility of shaping your own destiny and reality.

The funeral "business" has traditionally fought new ideas and trends. But those businesses that look to new organizational needs and realities, who adapt fast, and who do not resist change are the ones that succeed.

Take personal responsibility for adapting to change. Be flexible.

  1. Learn all you can. Commit to being a life-long learner.
  2. Participate in the changes. Don't be an observer.
  3. Break old habits to help you be more receptive to change.
  4. Don't complain about the changes unless you can offer better solutions.
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