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Electronic Death Certificates -- Your Help Needed

MFDEA is currently working on setting up meetings with the Health Department to discuss the electronic death certificate system. The Health Department is very interested in your experiences with the system and with doctors who are on/not-on the system. Here is what we need ASAP

-Names and locations of any doctors/hospitals/medical facilities/coroners who you know ARE NOT using the electronic system.

-Names and locations of any doctors/hospitals/medical facilities/coroners who have told you they don't know about the electronic system and/or have had no training on the system. THIS ONE IS REALLY IMPORTANT!

-Any medical type or coroner that has told you "No way I am never going to mess with that!" EVEN MORE IMPORTANT IF THEY DO DEATH CERTIFICATES!

-Specific issues with the system that need to be fixed -- Good examples: "backspace kicks you out of system," "cant change any information once you drop to paper," "pain to have to log in separately as embalmer then as funeral director," "system keeps shutting down."

-The powers that be, WANT to know all of this so let us know at MFDEA so that we can pass it on!

Please send any information you can right away by email to info@mofuneral.org.

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