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All Missouri Funeral Director & Embalmers Association Members have pledged to adhere to a code of ethics that protects consumers,, families and the public. MFDEA members strive to have the highest standards in service, value and professionalism. Should you ever have any questions about funeral service practices or a concern about how any funeral home may be operating, please call our office at 573-635-1661 --- or e-mail to info@mofuneral.org

This web site includes a searchable library on issues relating to funerals, grief, and other important issues, simply go to the "Grief Library" link under "Consumer Information".

 For the public, this site also has links and information on:

Funeral Process
Military Honors & Veterans Information
How to Choose a Funeral Home
Information on Pre-Planning a Funeral
Pre Need Trusts and Insurance
How to Handle the Loss of a Loved One
Funeral Homes Throughout the Nation

For more information on funeral service, how to plan a funeral, why pre-planning a funeral is often a preffered practice and other frequently asked questions, click here:


For Information on the Military Honors Program and Veterans Benifits:  http://www.cem.va.gov

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