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The Missouri Funeral Directors & Embalmers Association has a number of committees that oversee the business of the association. Help design benefits for the membership and work toward the betterment of the funeral profession by getting involved.

It is extremely rewarding to be able to participate in the development of policy and procedures for your professional association. So, we encourage all members to volunteer to serve on an MFDEA committee by calling the office at (573) 635-1661. PLEASE VOLUNTEER NOW!

Following is a brief explanation of the committees for the 2014-2015 year.

Benefits-Products, Services Committee – To find and review companies, products, and services that are beneficial to funeral service and MFDEA, and to present as an endorsed company to the membership if they meet the standards of the committee.  
   Committee Chair: Jay Hardy

Convention Committee – To decide on location, seminars and events of the Conventions of the MFDEA.
   Committee Chair: Greg Bird
Constitution & By-Laws Committee, Code of Ethics and Mission Statement – To review and present any changes needed in the MFDEA Constitution and By-Laws.
   Committee Chair: John Veach

Continuing Education Committee – To review and submit ideas on education events to be held by MFDEA and the continuation of education for funeral directors and embalmers.
   Committee Chair: Brad Davis
Legislative & MO PAC Committee – To review and give guidance into legislation that affects funeral service; help with the yearly Legislative Day.
   Committee Chair: Bill Stuart
   Committee Members: Austin Woodard

MFDEA Women - To promote, support and encourage women in the funeral profession.
   Committee Chair: Kalene Summerville

Organ & Tissue Committee – To be the liaison between the MFDEA membership and OPO’s to work out issues that affect member funeral homes.
   Committee Chair: open

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